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LFI 2020 Week 10/50

LFI 2020 Week 10/50
This is a watercolor on cold press paper
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LFI 2020, Week 9/50 With Robert Kelly
Charcoal, 14 x 11

Postcard ladies, (can you see all four)

I had a bit of fun with these ladies. The four of them caught my eye one at a time 
Ink, watercolor postcards

Looking Back

Looking Back Oil, 18" x  24" LFI 2020, Week Six
Lots of white, and loose chunky strokes, I may need a lesson in art photography

4 ink ladies

An exploration into ink, marker, and high flow acrylics

lfi 2020 week 4/50

LFI 2020 week 4/50
Oil on canvas, 12" x 9" Process was to work from a posterized version photo

Red Hair

"Red Hair" Oil on board, 12" x 12"


LFI 2020, Week 3/50

Digital painting, Adobe Sketch Watercolor brushes

White Sight

LFI 2020, week 2/50

Mechanical Pencil, Strathmore Bristol vellum, 11" x 14"

Girl in Charcoal

Charcoal on paper 11 x 14


My beautiful mom.

Freckles and a Hat

"Freckles and a Hat" 12" x 9" Oil on canvas
Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.”                                                                        Brene Brown

Police mug shot #4

Police mug shot #4 Vine charcoal and Generals charcoal pencil 

Drawing of girl

Charcoal drawing On sketch paper

Police Mug Shot #1

Police Mug Shot #1 Oil 12 x 9"
I saw this guys mug shot with all his unbalanced features and I just had to try to paint him

Police Mug shot #2

Police Mug Shot #2 Oil, 12 x 9"  When I saw this girl, her bruised eyes made me so sad.

Three Girls, the story

Three Girls, the story Oil, 9 x 12"

After Maynard Dixon, "Desert Mesa"

Desert Mesa after Maynard Dixon 9 x 12 inches
Painting a Maynard Dixon was a great challenge in figuring out what his palette colors were, did he paint thick or thin, in the end I just had fun.

Daily sketch's


Tuesday sketch

Tuesday sketch
General charcoal pencil On paper

Pumps at Night

Pumps at Night Oil on board, 12 x 9 in

St Kitts Girl

St Kitts Girl Charcoal on paper, 12 x 9 in

Sitting on the Floor

Sitting on the Floor Oil on board, 9 x 12 in

Sunday sketch #4

Sunday sketch #4